Rubber tiles

Rubtiler – let’s take a closer look at our brand


We are one of the largest recyclers of scrap tyres in Poland and a manufacturer of the best quality SBR granules dedicated for rubber products.


The carefully selected collection of tyres and innovative production line makes us the producer of the purest SBR granules on the market. The Rubtiler factory is located in central Poland. It is fitted with modern and automated production line for manufacturing rubber plates and mats, making it the leading brand on world markets. Rubtiler is a 100% ecological and environmentally friendly brand, and its products are manufactured through the complete recycling of scrap tyres.

Rubber tiles

About us

One of the largest recyclers of used tyres in Europe. Thanks to our selective collection of tyres and innovative production line we make the purest RECYCLED RUBBER (RR) granulates on the market. Excellent components and technology, that goes hand in hand with lengthy experience, makes RUBTILER, the global leader of rubber products.

Stable mats

Floor mats


RUBTILER has over 10 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing long-lasting, high quality and comfortable rubber stable mats.


With our mats, your horses will get thermal insulated, flat and non-slip surface (even when wet). Easy to install and maintenan-ce to save your money on bedding.
We are proud to present you the most innovative solution on the market, stable mats with antibacterial and antivirus protec-tion.

Vir&Bact Protect by RUBTILER means:


Up to 90% less viruses and bacteria


Outdour and stain reduction


Easier to clean and maintain


Seek for Vir&Bact Protect sign.

Rubber tiles

Stable floor mats

Our RR mats are eco and budget friendly, characterized by excellent durability (better than EVA mats), excellent thermal insulation and easy to instal.

RUBTILER RRT stable hard wearing

1000 × 1000 × 25/30/40 mm
1010 × 1010 × 15/20/25 mm

  • Low moisture absorbent (Weather, Chemical & Urine)
  • Absorbs Impact & Vibration
  • Optional – Virus and bacteria protection
  • Optional Extra Grip (grooved)
  • Better durability than EVA mats
  • Easy to instal and maintenance
  • Antishock shield on the bottom layer aid drainage in multiple directions

Rubtiler RRT stable walkway

980 × 980 × 10-15 mm
490 × 490 × 10-15 mm

  • Easy to lay and fit to size
  • Interlocking edges
  • Safe, even, surface

Rubtiler RRT stable soft

1010 × 1010 × 20/25/30 mm

  • Perfect thermal insulation
  • Better durability than EVA mats
  • Soft and flexible – extra protection of your horse against injury
  • Absorbs Impact & Vibration
  • Straight with bevel or interlocking edge design
  • Optional – Virus and bacteria protection

Rubtiler RRT wall mat

1010 × 1010 × 10/15/20 mm

  • Absorbs impact and protects horses from injury
  • Easy to instal with fixings or adhesive
  • Extra sound and heat insulation
  • Hygiene Certification for indoor use
  • Optional – Virus and bacteria protection
  • Absorbs shock and noise

Stable floor mats

Rubtiler stainless steel anchor

80 mm
Designed for securing rubber mats in place. Comes with a plastic sleeve and countersunk washer. In open edges, aluminium finishing strip is recommended, to prevent horses from biting the mats.

Horse box trailler rubber mats

490 × 490 × 6/8 mm
Designed to provide safe, non-slip footing in all conditions.
Other uses include protection for large vehicle floors and trailers.

  • Interlocking shape for better grip
  • Easy to instal and trim
  • Non-slip and silent surface with thermal insulation

Stable floor mats

Rubber mulch for horse arenas

size 5 – 25 mm

  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Ideal surface for Riding, Show Jumping, and Dressage
  • Reduces dust
  • Absorbs impact shocks
  • Can be mixed with sand
  • Resilient and pliable surface protects the horse’s bones/joints
  • Lowers the chance of injury to the rider if they fall
  • Does not decompose the way organic materials, so it can last a long time

Box with rubber walls

Modular horse stalls kit

Free standing modular horse stalls, durable and strong are designed to meet heavy duty tests.
Galvanized construction with safe, kick- proof rubber walls.
Stall panels come in a variety of sizes and colours, made to fit your specific set-up.

  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for temporary uses such as fairgrounds and expos
  • Panels can be arranged in multiple configurations

Stall kit with roofing system for outdoor usage

Basic stall kit

No side panels kit


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